TGIF - Fall is in the Air!

A few things to share for Friday Faves:

Fall is in the air so you know what that means? Leaves candles from BBW. 
Smells divine.

The only wrap you will need this fall. Worn with EVERYTHING. Yoga pants, jeans, jammies, etc.

Winter skin is coming.... my skin is SO dry during the fall and winter and this cream will SAVE YOUR SKIN. Right now if you spend $150 on beauty counter products, you get this cream free ($75 value). It's the best. If you don't believe me, just read the reviews.

Planning on the State Fair this weekend! It will be the babe's first time and we can't wait to show her all the animals and eat all the delicious fair food!

Happy Friday, enjoy the weekend!

Randoms - Podcasts

I have a fairly easy commute to and from work, about 30 minutes each way, which is the perfect amount of time to listen to podcasts. The ones I listen to vary greatly in topic and length. I thought I'd share some of these with you in case you are searching for a good podcast or two to break up the mundane.

1. LaineyGossip - Sasha Answers

I have been a longtime reader of LaineyGossip -  she is a Canadian blogger that talks all things celebrity - which is an amazing ecosystem in of itself. Sasha Tong has been giving advice to reader for a long time on the blog, but the podcast version personifies the writing and allows us to feel closer to these strong voices. This podcast is awesome, not only to hear the amazing banter between best friends, but they give solid advice to readers and share personal stories, both glad and sad, that women of many ages can relate to!

2. LaineyGossip - Show Your Work

Lainey brings on another bestie to discuss all things celebrity - whether it be Justin B…

Adventures in Baby Food

There are so many things to think about when your bundle of joy arrives. What will she eat? Breastmilk, formula? What brand of diapers (spoiler alert: the kind that can contain blowouts)? What bottles, what binkies, what clothes, how long to stay in your room? blah blah blah

Guess what- there is no right or wrong answer to any of these. Well, except if you say - "my baby is living on air" like that freak facebook post making the rounds of people living off the air they breathe. Air can only get you so far...

but let's continue...

Sarah is 5 months old and has been growing tall and gaining weight like a champ and is, quite frankly, a large size for her age (#hungrygirl). At her 4 month appointment, her pediatrician said that I could start her on purees, both veggie and fruit. At this point, I had a good routine down with her, she had been sleeping through the night, eating good at set times of the day. I was not ready to switch up my routine. But! The ped said new studies…


First post is always the hardest, right?

Well, here goes nothing. I used to have a blog that I posted some recipes on...but life got in the way. Starting fresh with this blog I can share all things including food, fun, baby, good times, bad times, etc. 
Welcome to the new blog!